About Us

Prima Pelle is a proud Mexican company with the purpose of capitalizing on 40 years of experience in the leather / upholstery sector.

Today we have managed to diversify and integrate ourselves into a marketing scheme to adequately respond to market needs.

That is, over time, we have positioned ourselves at different points in the production and commercial chain, from the transformation of the basic leather material into a finished product, to the wholesale and retail sale of different materials.

What we offer

With 40 years of experience in the leather industry and recognized by the brands TYASA, TUSA, TEPUSA, CIDEC, TEDUSA, we put at your service in our warehouse leathers, fats, parchments, saddles and soles with export quality.

Oriented to the upholstery (residential, office, hotel, restaurant and commercial), automotive, decoration, footwear, leather goods and clothing industries.

We have a wide range of trendy colors and textures. We have several alternatives for your taste and needs.

We offer you Recycled Leather, with 8 years of impressive performance in the Mexican market.

Recycled leather from a commercial point of view serves the aspirational market.

Today the millennial generation are people who do not want to generate attachments, but they like quality things. On the other hand, according to the life cycle of each person they seek to have an option appropriate to their style, but that does not represent a high investment and therefore that the duration of the upholstery is consistent to your expectations.

In this sense, the recycled leather of Prima Pelle offers the best price-benefit ratio in terms of an adequate investment versus its durability, without sacrificing quality , elegance and fashion .

It is what in Europe and the United States has been a watershed in upholstery fashion: "RECYCLED LEATHER", also known as ecological leather, reclaimed leather or bonded leather.

Our line of textiles and synthetics contains a large stock of fabrics for decoration, upholstery and the best in synthetic leathers..

The products we offer are the latest generation with cutting-edge technological features manufactured in PU (Polyurethane).

Why choose us?

With the commitment to offer the best quality, our suppliers have globally recognized certifications , resulting in reliable and differentiated products in the market at a competitive price. If we don't have what you want, we can tailor your project.

What makes us different? We are continuously innovating, looking for the best products for our customers and ensuring their comfort at all times. You will not have to worry about your inventories , we take care of that and we make sure we always have availability for you.

In short, and all thanks to the effort made over the years, our products are synonymous with quality, trust and good style.