Prima Pelle


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Our promise...

We help our clients to generate comfort with a variety of high-end products at competitive prices that seek to satisfy your end customer. We handle genuine leather , recycled leather , textiles, synthetics and sewing threads and we have a solid inventory so that you don't have to worry about it.

About Us

Prima Pelle by Farfalla is a proud Mexican company with the purpose of capitalizing on 40 years of experience in the leather, synthetics and upholstery fabrics sector.

We handle genuine and recycled leather, especially for decoration, interior design and upholstery for those who seek elegance and comfort around them.

The application of our products is focused on leather for furniture upholstery, wall decoration, bar interiors, rugs, accessories, both in the residential, office and commercial furniture markets. With high international quality standards.

Softness, comfort and a friendly touch are some of the characteristics that distinguish our products.

Our Products

• Natural Leather - great variety of colors and textures. Leather in whole leather and on the sides, finished and with hair, engraved and smooth, leather with corrected grain and full grain, semi-aniline and pigmented, waxed and oiled, tumbled and loosened, among other characteristics.

• Recycled Leather - as its name implies, it is a recycling of the genuine leather scraps that remain in other products, it gives a finish very close to genuine leather but up to 70% more accessible in price.

• High Performance Synthetic - a very relevant product for the time we are living in, it can be disinfected with 70% alcohol, it is hard-wearing, with resistance to hydrolysis and fire retardant: ideal for hospitals, doctor's offices, offices, etc. .

• Automotive - we have specific lines for this purpose for heavy-duty uses and with protection against UV rays in both recycled leather and genuine leather.

• Textiles - we have microfiber, DMIC and Texflon. Variety of uses such as office furniture or outdoor furniture.

• Synthetics - we have several lines with a polyurethane finish that ensure resistance, fashion, comfort and quality.